4 things to watch for -- Thursday, August 15th

Jason Carr tries the Impossible Whopper
Jason Carr tries the Impossible Whopper

From the desk of Jason Carr: I’m reading a leading magazine article right now about the sudden boom in meat alternatives. I’ve just finished a paragraph that concludes with the rather bold statement that Beyond Meat’s burger is passable while Impossible Burger, which you can find in Whopper form at BK, is “incredible.” Ahem. No.


Several years ago, I read a similar rave about Beyond Meat. So I acquired a sample from the company and made myself a burger in the way I would with 80/20 ground chuck beef. It was ok. Not savory but also not spit-it-out blecchhhh. As a condiment and topping delivery system I could subsist on it if stranded with a volleyball on an island. But as an immediate alternate to beef? Absolutely not. I like the taste of cow fat. So much so that I typically don’t need any condiments. Meat/cheese/bun and done. Unless it’s a fast food burger and needs to be cooked until its brown.

Which brings us to the Impossible Whopper. Recall that I had already sampled the Beyond Meat burger. Impossible is Beyond’s competitor. Impossible is having a moment of glory. Impossible’s moment of glory should be impossible because the alt-Whopper is not even close to the real thing. I had one on live television and it was…not good. It smelled funny and tasted even funnier. But what did it smell/taste like? I can’t place it but I’ve settled on burnt beans, though not baked beans.

Back to the article I’m reading. The writer makes the case for meatless meats as a vehicle for the toppings, which are the really delicious things. I would counter by saying, sure, I love bacon and mushrooms and cheese and mustard and pickles and all that (hold the mayo and onions) but it’s a concert of flavors! And the savory, umami, saltiness of the meat and cheese underpinning all the rest is the superstar conductor. I mean, it doesn’t matter who’s playing first chair violin if the guy waving the baton is an idiot.

So go ahead and try the alt-meat sliders at White Castle and the Impossible Whopper. Just don’t come whining to me that you had a burnt bean burger.

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Partly cloudy Thursday night, with lows in the low 60s (16 degrees Celsius).

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Today's Quiz 

National Days: August 15th

  • National Leathercraft Day
  • National Relaxation Day
  • National Lemon Meringue Pie Day


History Highl ights: August 15th

  • In 1483, the Sistine Chapel was consecrated by Pope Sixtus IV.
  • In 1812, the Battle of Fort Dearborn took place as Potawatomi warriors attacked a U.S. military garrison of about 100 people. (Most of the garrison was killed, while those who remained were taken prisoner.)
  • In 1914, the Panama Canal officially opened as the SS Ancon crossed the just-completed waterway between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
  • In 1947, India became independent after some 200 years of British rule.
  • In 1965, the Beatles played to a crowd of more than 55,000 at New York’s Shea Stadium.
  • In 1969, the Woodstock Music and Art Fair opened in upstate New York.
  • In 1971, President Richard Nixon announced a 90-day freeze on wages, prices and rents.

Celebrity Birthdays: August 15th 

Celebrating a birthday Thursday? Submit a Sunshine Award here and we could say your name on Local 4 News Today during our 5 a.m. show.

Here's who you're sharing a birthday with --

  • Actress Lori Nelson is 86. 
  • Actress Pat Priest (”The Munsters”) is 83. 
  • Singer-guitarist Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers is 71. 
  • Actress Phyllis Smith (”The Office”) is 70. 
  • Actor Peter Hermann (”Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”) is 52. 
  • Actress Debra Messing (”Will and Grace”) is 51. 
  • Actor Anthony Anderson (”Barbershop”) is 49. 
  • Actor Ben Affleck is 47. 
  • Actress Courtney Hope (”The Bold and the Beautiful”) is 30. 
  • Singer Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers is 30. 
  • Actor-singer Carlos PenaVega (”Big Time Rush”) is 30. 
  • Actress Jennifer Lawrence is 29. 

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