28 horribly neglected dogs found stuffed in vehicle on way to dog meat festival

Remaining living dogs in need of medical care

A dog rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm sits in a crate. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

People in different cultures find different things acceptable, but this one is hard to believe: 28 dogs were found stuffed in cages on a vehicle bound for a dog meat festival in Buyeo, South Korea, called Boknal.

Officials with In Defense of Animals and Jindo Love are now caring for the dogs, which they said were horribly neglected, and believe the dogs were being taken to Boknal to be slaughtered, People reported.

The dogs, most of which were suffering from dehydration, malnutrition and heartworms, had fresh injuries, and all showed signs of neglect.

“Our Korean rescue partners got a tip-off about a truck piled high with rusty wire metal cages crammed full of helpless dogs packed together and rushed to the scene,” Fleur Dawes, IDA’s communications director, said in a statement obtained by People. “Some dogs were struggling to breathe; they were packed so tightly that they could not move or even turn their heads.”

Dawes said two of the 28 dogs have died since the rescue and more of the dogs are in urgent need of veterinary care, which IDA predicts could cost $1,000 per dog.

That’s just the beginning of this story for the dogs. Following recovery, the dogs will then need foster care, training and rehabilitation.

Actress Kim Basinger, widely known for playing roles in "Batman" and "LA Confidential," recently joined activists protesting the dog meat trade in South Korea.

Actress Kim Basinger attends a protest against the South Korea dog meat trade. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

She held a model of a dead dog for cameras and said, “Sometimes pictures speak 1,000 words more than we could ever with our voices.”

She said she hopes any changes in the country could have a knock-on effect somewhere else.

"I do think that government is going to have to not turn a blind eye and really come up with solutions like this," she said. "South Korea is going to be the leader for this, it's going to be known for this and it's going to trickle down."

A bill has been proposed that would make the killing of dogs for food illegal.

It has caused concern for those who support the meat dog industry, but public opinion is swaying toward animal rights groups as more South Koreans have dogs as pets.

Click here to learn more about how you can help end Boknal and help IDA.

CNN contributed to this article.

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