Lost cows wander onto Michigan property causing udder chaos


The steaks are high in Northern Michigan as officials search for the owners of two lost cows.

The cows were apparently steered down the wrong road and now, they're trying to milk their freedom for a long as they can.

Grand Traverse officials put out an alert on Facebook this morning about the two cows, pictured above.

"We've received a call of two cows in someone's yard, trying to deliver milk on Cedar Run Rd near Barney Rd. If you have cows in the area, and the count doesn't quite add up, please give us a call."

According to a post in the comments, the cows were loaded onto a trailer and are with Animal Control until the owners are found.

The cows won't be missing for long. As soon as the owners take stock of their steers, they're going to be udderly disappointed.

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