☕ You'll never guess what Tati found at her first favorite coffee shop

Alright my friends, are you ready to put the pedal to the metal? No, I'm not talking about your car. There is a great way to experience Detroit that you may not have tried, but I want you to experience this.

Mogo bikes have been in the city for a couple years now. These are bikes you can rent by the hour from docks located at locations from Downtown to Midtown. It's a convenient way to explore more than you can when try to take a walk around the city.

Also, if you're affriad you won't be able to carry what you purchase on your cross-city ride, don't worry about it! The bike have a cool little basket on the front that will hold most small purchases.

Go for a ride in the D! You won't regret it!

- Tati

Are you ready to try a different kind of pizza?

🍕 There's a family owned business that's putting their own twist on pizza. The pies they are creating are a fusion between a favorite ethnic cuisine and your favorite style pizza. Dine In The D foodie Michelle Oliver found this place in Canton and takes you there today. Check out some of the other pizza joints she's already visited:

Here's what Jason & Tati are talking about today


Did you see this?!

💃 You know we're all about dancing on Live In The D and we will never forget when Jason & Tati welcomed "Turn Up With Tanci" to the show. If you missed their moves, you gotta see this!

What's Happening Around The D

🗓️ Today: I See You Awards is for independent film lovers

🗓️ Saturday: Detroit Hydrofest

🗓️ Saturday: Weird Homes Tour

🗓️ Saturday: Project Backpack

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