Video shows thieves methodically stealing car on Detroit's east side

Electronic device used to start car

DETROIT – Thieves methodically pulled off a car theft in Detroit, leaving the owner with nothing but a broken steering wheel lock.

"I can't trust this place anymore, I gotta move before I get another car," Shourab Sujann said.

The three thieves drove off in Sujann's car early Thursday morning on Klinger Street just off Davison Street on Detroit's east side.

The thieves appeared to know the cameras were rolling, recording their moves. They stole the car quietly.

"I never seen anything like that, and I've never thought about that," Sujann said.

Video shows the men walking down the street around 4 a.m. The first thief is shown skillfully popping the entire glass out of the door in one piece. The second thief climbs through the window, breaking the steering wheel lock. The third man uses an electronic device to start the car.

"I saw they had the plug-in device. I don't know what type of device it is, but yeah, it really helped them," Sujann said. "If they weren't professionals, they wouldn't be able to do it in 30 minutes."

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