☕ You'll never guess what Tati found at her first Detroit coffee shop!

August 23 2019 The Buzz from Live In The D

Coffee, cafe au lait, cappuccino, macchiato... Just a few ways that people enjoy one of the world's most popular beverages.

Coffee is a perfect pick me up, a way to connect with others and even learn about different cultures.

It also happens to be my favorite way to wake up in the morning and even a way to explore Detroit. To make this make sense, let me start from the beginning.

Ever on a quest for new coffee shops, especially those locally owned and operated, it was essential that I find the one closest to me, once I moved to the D. One of the first thing I did after moving in to my first apartment on Woodward Avenue was look up the nearest coffee shop. After a few clicks on my phone, Roasting Plant in Campus Martius came up with excellent reviews and within walking distance from my place. Score! Off I went to satisfy my slight coffee addiction. 

After chit-chatting with the delightful staff for a few minutes, and getting the low-down on my new neighborhood, I grabbed my coffee and headed home. That was just the beginning… I returned almost every single day getting restaurant recommendations, learning about different areas of the city to explore, and hearing stories from the life-long Detroiters who would stroll in and out. 

Not only did I satisfy my coffee needs, but also a need for social connection and a compass for my new home. I had a place to pop in on the weekends and ask questions, get directions, and see happy familiar faces. For someone living in a brand new city and looking to get immersed quickly, the Roasting Plant became my first home away from home and the place I found a sense of commonality… over a warm (or cold) delicious cup of coffee.

XOXO - Tati

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