4 things to watch for -- Friday, September 13th

WDIV-TV's Jason Carr
WDIV-TV's Jason Carr

Jason Carr: We should have a new holiday. October has Halloween, November has Thanksgiving, July has the Fourth, etc. But between Labor Day and the last day of October, there's this gaping, 7-week-long, pumpkin spice chasm in our collective psyche. I mean, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur being given their due respect, we need something…different to break up the slide into overcast skies and disappointing football outcomes. And don't start with the hayrides and cider mills. After a minute those get old too.

We need a Fall Festivus. A brand-new holiday invented out of whole cloth. I don't care what it is. For instance on December 24th the Swedes have been watching the same Walt Disney Christmas special on national TV there since 1959. Every. Single. Year. Google that bizarre tradition for its origins. 40-50 percent of the country gathers to watch Donald Duck cartoons!

I say we pick some random date, like October 3rd. It's halfway between Labor Day and Halloween. The weather is usually crap—I know because it's my birthday. And then we all make living room tent forts, chili and Old Fashioned's and watch the best episode of Columbo. Or the Steve Martin Wild and Crazy Guy comedy concert from the Hollywood Bowl in 1979. Something random but totally rewatchable.  

We could, say, create Bonfireween Eve and Bonfireween on the third weekend in September. Bonfireween Eve (Saturday) would consist of gifting each other toastable food stuffs and/or burning implements like skewers, tongs and hickory chips. And booze is consumed, of course. Then Bonfireween (Sunday) would be like if Burning Man came to Novi and was totally sanitized for family enjoyment. Or not, depending on your bent. And it would culminate in the Roasting of the Spam on a Spit. Or whatever. I really haven't thought it through. Maybe gyro meat.

I mean if the night before Thanksgiving can almost surreptitiously become The Biggest Bar Night of the Year (when all the college kids come home and go out to their at-home watering holes), surely we can make Bonfireween a thing. I think I'll try to get it trending on Twitter.  The Columbo Tent Fort thing needs more work. 

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Here's what's coming up on Friday, September 13, 2019 on Local 4 News Today

All Morning -- Severe Weather Risk

We have been put under a Marginal Risk for severe storms Friday, and we should have two rounds or showers and storms to end the work and school week. A few lighter late morning and early afternoon showers will be sliding in from the west although models show a lot of that moisture drying up as it moves in.

With some midday sun, highs will hit the lower 80s and feel a few degrees warmer as the humidity pours in, and wind start cranking and destabilizes the skies around us.  A line of thunderstorms will move through in the mid-afternoon and these storms could produce damaging winds, heavy downpours, and deadly lightning.

We'll have to keep an eye to the skies before Friday night high school football games but conditions do improve through the evening. 

  • Get the full forecast here

All Morning -- Weekend Construction

As we head into the weekend, construction crews are getting ready to get some work done!

Kim DeGiulio will also be watching the roads for us all morning. She'll have any construction updates and traffic trouble spots for the weekend.

  • Check traffic conditions in your neighborhood here

6:10 -- Fitness Friday: CrossFit

     CrossFit is a big fitness craze right now, but what do you know about it? Could it be for you? Our Kim DeGiulio heads to CrossFit in the D for some fun and fitness.  

  6:40 -- Your Neighborhood

There's a local woman who has made it her mission to try to provide any and everything Detroiters need for free. Our Evrod Cassimy takes us inside one home she furnished and shows us how you can be the next on her list if you're in need.


Today's Trivia Retake 

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  • Thursday Question: Who invented Pong?
  • Answer: Allan Alcorn
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National Days: September 13th

  • National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day
  • National Peanut Day
  • Uncle Sam Day
  • National Programmers Day - 256th Day of the Year
  • National Blame Someone Else Day
  • National Hug Your Boss Day 

History Highlights: September 13th

  • In 1788, the Congress of the Confederation authorized the first national election, and declared New York City the temporary national capital.
  • In 1948, Republican Margaret Chase Smith of Maine was elected to the U.S. Senate; she became the first woman to serve in both houses of Congress.
  • In 1959, Elvis Presley first met his future wife, 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu, while stationed in West Germany with the U.S. Army. (They married in 1967, but divorced in 1973.)
  • In 1970, the first New York City Marathon was held; winner Gary Muhrcke finished the 26.2-mile run, which took place entirely inside Central Park, in 2:31:38.
  • In 1990, the combination police-courtroom drama "Law & Order" premiered on NBC.
  • In 1997, funeral services were held in Calcutta, India, for Nobel peace laureate Mother Teresa.
  • In 2001, two days after the 9/11 terror attacks, the first few jetliners returned to the nation's skies, but several major airports remained closed and others opened only briefly. President George W. Bush visited injured Pentagon workers and said he would carry the nation's prayers to New York.

Celebrity Birthdays: September 13th

Celebrating a birthday Friday? Submit a Sunshine Award here and we could say your name on Local 4 News Today during our 6 a.m. show.

Here's who you're sharing a birthday with --

  • Actress Eileen Fulton ("As the World Turns") is 86. 
  • Actor Fred Silverman ("Matlock," "In the Heat of the Night") is 82. 
  • Actress Jean Smart is 68. 
  • Singer Randy Jones of the Village People is 67. 
  • Country singer Bobbie Cryner is 58. 
  • Radio and TV personality Tavis Smiley is 55. 
  • Actor Dominic Fumusa ("Nurse Jackie") is 50. 
  • Actress Louise Lombard ("CSI") is 49. 
  • Singer Fiona Apple is 42. 
  • Singer Niall Horan of One Direction is 26. 

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