ClickOnDetroit Morning Briefing -- Oct. 7, 2019

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UAW-GM strike in 4th week: Here's what's going on

The gambit to strike is costly and the delicate dance to a deal complicated. Former GM negotiator Dr. Arthur Schwartz says this strike is complicated by the UAW leadership's legal problems. The union putting Region 5 director Vance Pearson on leave Friday because of his embezzlement problems. Here's what's going on this week.

 Weather: A beautiful fall day with sunshine 

Brandon Roux:

Partly sunny skies will become mostly sunny through most of the mid to late morning and for the entire afternoon as highs will be in the neighborhood of 70°F with some of us only seeing the upper 60s. We have a warming wind SW 5-12 mph gusting at times 15-20 mph, and that should be enough, combined with sunshine, to warm us just a little bit today.

Here's the detailed forecast.

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