Police search for prowler in Rochester Hills, Troy area

Image of prowler caught on surveillance video

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – Police are searching for a prowler wanted in connection with a series of incidents in Rochester Hills and Troy.

The prowler is described as a black man, possibly around 20 years old, with a thin build, short hair and possibly a goatee. He is believed to have been involved in multiple incidents in both cities dating back to March 2019.

In most cases, the prowler has been caught looking into windows or back sliding doors before running away.

Some of the incidents have been captured on security cameras. In July, the prowler entered a home in Troy twice.

During that incident the prowler touched a woman’s leg before running out of the home. Since the first incident was reported in March 2019, there have been five confirmed reports in Rochester Hills and one in Troy.

There are other reports that investigators believe are related but have not been able to confirm.

These incidents have taken place in the south side of Rochester Hills, including on Monterey, Hazelton, Dearborn and Villanova streets.

“It appears this individual may be escalating his behavior with the home invasion in the city of Troy,” said Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard. “We want this guy off the streets as soon as possible.”

Troy Police Chief Frank Nastasi also issued remarks on the case. 

“Troy police detectives have been vigorously pursuing all leads in the home invasion which occurred in Troy, and we are eager to get this suspect off the streets,” said Troy Police Chief Frank Nastasi. “We are asking all residents to report any information related to this case.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 800-SPEAK-UP. 

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