Paraprofessional at school for special needs students accused of making lewd comments to girl

Jerry L. White School employee placed on leave

DETROIT – A paraprofessional at a Detroit school for special needs students allegedly made sexual comments to a student.

The man, who is in his 50s, is on leave from Jerry L. White School while the incident is investigated.

A student's mother, Tinnille Hardwick, says a paraprofessional in his 50s made sexual comments and has been following her daughter around the school.

Hardwick complained to the school's social worker last year about the alleged inappropriate comments toward her daughter.

"He said she had big breasts, that she shouldn't run because she could pop out of her bra, that he wished she was older," Hardwick said.

When she complained last year, she thought it was over, but the male paraprofessional is still on the job and she said he has continued to make comments.

Although he is in none of her daughter's classes, she said he is constantly running into her. Her daughter told an administrator and Hardwick complained again.

The district said it is investigating the allegations and the paraprofessional is off the job for now. The district is also asking for other students who may have had inappropriate interactions to report it.

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