Metro Detroit billboards crying foul on NFL refs after Lions-Packers controversy


DETROIT – Billboards have sprung up on Metro Detroit freeways showing an NFL referee wearing a cheesehead.

The signs come after the controversial calls that more than likely impacted the outcome of the Lions-Packers matchup on Monday Night Football.

Two illegal hands to the face penalties and a no-call on an obvious defensive pass interference drew immediately backlash from players, fans, former players and analysts.

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The NFL admitted it made a mistake on one of the calls the following day.

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The billboards, put together by an anonymous group, suggest coercion between the Packers and referees.

This isn't the first time billboards of such nature of popped up across the area. The same anonymous group called out Ndamukong Suh for leaving to Miami and pointed out other botched calls that didn't go the Lions way in the past (like the non-pass interference call against Dallas in the 2015 playoff game).