Shots fired at Pontiac woman’s home while she sits on porch, police say

No injuries reported during shooting


PONTIAC, Mich. – Police are investigating after shots were fired at a Pontiac woman’s home while she was sitting on the front porch.

Deputies were called at 10:36 p.m. Tuesday to a home on South Johnson Street, according to authorities.

The 44-year-old homeowner said she had been sitting on the front porch when she heard gunshots and the sound of bullets hitting the outside of her house.

She said she didn’t seen who had fired the shots, but she collected several spent shell casings from out front, police said.

Deputies said they searched the area and found more spent shell casings in the road. They didn’t locate any suspects.

Nobody was injured during the shooting, officials said.

The spent shell casings were from .40-caliber and .45-caliber firearms, police said.

Deputies interviewed several neighbors, but none of them had seen any suspicious activity, according to authorities.

The investigation is ongoing.

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