Metro Detroit prepares for first significant snowfall of the season

Metro Detroit braces for the season's first big snowfall.
Metro Detroit braces for the season's first big snowfall.

DETROIT – A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for Metro Detroit with 3-5 inches of snow expected by Monday night.

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The advisory takes effect at 4 a.m. Monday and will last until 7 p.m.

READ: Winter weather advisory issued for Metro Detroit; 3-5 inches of snow expected

St. Clair County is expected to get the most snow. Some local residents are claiming they are ready for the snow. MDOT said it’s ready for the snow too.

“I just put my blade on, got some snow blowers ready and hopefully we’re ready,” said Terry Lamontagne.

Lamontagne has a lawn care and snow removal business and he said the Veterans Day snow isn’t common.

“I’ve been doing this for 21 years now, and I’ve only plowed one time in November,” Lamontagne said.

Now it’ll be two times in November because St. Clair County is expecting a few inches of snow. Around 5 to 11 inches of snow is possible with a foot or more along the Lake Huron shoreline.

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Hardware stores are already stocked with shovels, salt and other essentials.

“I just fired up the snow blower, it’s ready to go," said Jeff Cottrell. "That’s what we do up here. It’s all hustle and bustle today.”

MDOT crews have also geared up for the snowfall and are watching conditions carefully.

“We expect the freezing to come in the early morning hours and, of course, once it’s time, the salt trucks will head out in each of the counties to start salting those roads," said Diane Cross, with MDOT.

Cross also wants to remind drivers to keep important items in their cars.

“You may need a shovel in your car, a blanket, an extra set of gloves -- that kind of thing," Cross said.

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Drivers are encouraged to leave early, drive slowly, leave plenty of room between other drivers and, most importantly, to drive defensively.

“You’re driving for your safety and also the safety of drivers around you,” Cross said.

Additionally, it’s against the law in Michigan to drive without fully clearing snow and ice from your vehicle.

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It’s also helpful to remember that bridges, ramps and overpasses freeze before normal roads.

Check your route before you leave to know what to expect! The Metro Detroit traffic map can be found here.

Keep an eye out for severe weather alerts and the radar here:

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