Crews tackle snow removal in record-setting cold temperatures

Contractors are put on a strict deadline to clear residential streets

DETROIT – With 1,884 miles of residential streets, clearing the roads of snow in a timely manner is no small task for independent contractors in Detroit.

In past years, it has been a challenge, but now the city is broken into seven districts that are then assigned to contractors — this seems to be working well.

Once contracts are activated, contractors must clear the streets for residents to be able to safely navigate the road.

One woman said she’s lived in the city since 1989 and this is her first time seeing her street get plowed.

Plowing isn’t the only challenge during these cold temperatures, the arctic blast snapped a few water mains in Detroit.

In many cities, like Royal Oak, the mixture of fall foliage and snow makes it difficult for city crews to clear roads.

However, this is a good thing for contractors, who benefit from the work that the weather brings.

Contractors are responsible for snow removal while the city is tasked with salting the streets, which is only applied to main roads.

If your street is not cleared in a timely manner, you are asked to contact the Detroit Department of Public Works at 313-224-3901.

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