Neighbors worried over condition of hospitalized Dearborn house fire victim

Fire leaves man trapped inside home

DEARBORN, Mich. – You can see the charred remains of an Oxford home – all that’s left after a fire broke out last night. Now unfortunately one elderly man is in the hospital clinging to life.

Firefighters rushed out to this Dearborn home Saturday hoping to assist with the fire that trapped one man inside.

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“We called 911. We looked outside, the cats actually caught our attention. We looked outside and there was a fire going in this main window,” said neighbor Ron Archibald.

Archibald who lives right across the street believes the fire may have started by way of the couch in the living room. His first instinct was to break in and help.

“We thought about going inside, but when we got there it was blazing hot and it was hard to access,” said Murad Elhadi, another neighbor.

Elhadi, the victim’s next-door neighbor, says it was actually a senior couple who lived in the home. Thankfully the woman wasn’t there when the flames broke out.

There are concerns about the victim and the impact the fire will have on his overall health.

Neighbors say the hospitalized victim was on oxygen and already had some lung issues. As of now the condition of the victim is unknown.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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