16-year-old boy saves firefighter father from icy water during Nothern Michigan hunting trip

A father and son hunting trip in Northern Michigan took a dangerous turn last week.

Rob Johnson and his son Jacob Johnson had loaded up their boat when the experienced hunter fell through the ice.

Rob Johnson is a firefighter that has gone through extensive ice training. He relied on his 16-year-old son to save his life after he fell through the ice.

“The boat was coming down and the ice broke away. I slid underneath the boat,” Rob Johnson said. “It’s just numbing, it grabs you and sucks everything you have in you. Your body wants to give up, you’re going to grab onto something."

Jacob Johnson grabbed onto his father’s arm and didn’t let go.

“Make sure he didn’t sink in the water. The boat started tipping, so I had to lean back and reach and hold on,” Jacob Johnson said.

The teen was able to pull his father back into the boat.

“It literally felt like two grown men holding my feet down, pulling me down,” Rob Johnson said. “If he would’ve let go of me I would’ve just went down because there’s no way I could’ve made it that four feet back to the shore."

Rob Johnson was freezing and knew hypothermia would be setting in soon.

“It was pretty scary. It was real dark and we couldn’t see anything and it just added to the effect,” Jacob Johnson said.

The pair had to make it back to their cottage, which was five miles away.

“If he wouldn’t have been there, I wouldn’t be here so it chokes me up really bad,” Rob Johnson said. " I’m extremely proud of him."

“I feel like any child should help their parent the best they can in that situation,” Jacob Johnson said.

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