Carbon monoxide rescue, holiday shopping budget, toy test preview

DETROIT – Hi, everyone!

I hope this newsletter finds you well. I feel like we're already in the idle of winter with this weather, but my yard is still covered with an odd mix of snow and leaves. I hope things continue to warm up so I can at least get these leaves up before Thanksgiving. By the way: I'm hosting my family this year, so if you have any great recipes I should try out, let me know!

This week we taped our Help Me Hank toy test.

It was a blast! It will air Monday, Nov. 25. We did it a bit different this year -- a new twist. I'm glad we did, because it gave us great insight into what the kids really wanted. You will see how that all plays out next week.

We also did a special Help Me Hank event day this week. We took on a few rescues and, most importantly, opened the phone bank up to take your tips -- and we got a lot.

Thanks to those who called or emailed. Sometimes we can't help everyone, even though we wish we could. But it's also good to remember that if you don't feel heard, you can call us. We will do our best to advocate for you, like we did for a woman and her apartment complex management.

Remember, you can contact our team 24/7 at 313-298-WDIV and at, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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