Eastpointe homeowner speaks out after house struck by stray bullet

EASTPOINTE, Mich. – A man has a warning for homeowners after a bullet came flying into his Eastpointe home.

Matthias Krenzer has lived on Dale Drive in Eastpointe for more than two decades. He never thought he would’ve had to deal with something so dangerous in the comfort of his own home.

“Looks like the bullet came down at an angle and only hit the first pane of glass,” Krenzer said.

A stray bullet -- likely shot from a person firing shots blindly into the air -- lodged into the window of the bathroom.

“Yesterday, I opened the blinds to discover a bullet hole in the window," Krenzer said. “I immediately saw the bullet. I knew that it had to have been a stray bullet since it didn’t come directly into the house.”

Krenzer’s first instinct was to call the police. He never heard the gunshots or even the impact from where the bullet landed

“When the police came, they confirmed that it was from far away. How far away that is, I don’t know,” Krenzer said. “Another one of those cases of people being irresponsible and uneducated about gun ownership."

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Krenzer said he’s thankful there was only minimal damage.

“I was glad it didn’t go through the roof because who knows how far it would have come," Krenzer said. “And, of course, I would have had a leak in my roof.”

But he has a message for the person who put is life at risk with such carelessness.

“Please be responsible,” Krenzer urged.

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