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DETROIT – I’ve been a Detroit Lions fan my whole life. I’m not ashamed to say it, but I am always pretty bummed when the season ends as a losing season. We’ve only been to a playoff game four times in the last 20 years - 1999, 2011, 2014 and 2016 – all losses. The last time we WON a playoff game was in 1991 against the Cowboys. We went on to lose in the second round. To top it off, we’re one of only 12 NFL teams without a Super Bowl win. (Bengals, Bills, Browns, Cardinals, Chargers, Falcons, Jaguars, Panthers, Texans, Titans, Vikings and the Lions).

What more can we do?! We’ve changed coaches several times over the years (who can forget the 0-16 year under Rod Marinelli in 2008, an NFL first), swapped out players, made front office moves and even edited the logo…but nothing seems to fix the problem.

Detroit Lions Logo
Detroit Lions Logo

The Detroit Lions are too often called the “losing Lions,” the “same old Lions” or the “unlucky Lions.” The Lions name is never attached to anything positive around Detroit, so maybe it’s time for change. A fresh start. Let’s lose the Lions name.

How the Lions got their name

In 1934, radio exec George Richards bought the Portsmouth Spartans and moved them to Detroit. He then renamed the team the Detroit Lions. Some say the Lions name was to pair up with Detroit’s winning baseball team, the Tigers, who won the American League pennant that year. According to CNN, the team once explained it as, “the lion is the monarch of the jungle, and we hope to be the monarch of the league.” Well, we’ve been more like the cowardly lions of the league.

Name ideas

If the name were ever to change, it should be up to those die-hard Lions fans. It should honor the city that has supported them through all these losing years. But what would work for this fresh start?

One of my co-workers suggested calling them the Detroit Exhaust Pipes – because it’s exhausting being a Lions fan. That’s the wrong attitude (you know who you are).

I asked around the newsroom and here are some suggestions:

  • Chuck Jackson: The Prairie Dogs (they’re always running from everything) or the Slugs or the Gnats (he doesn’t care much for the Lions, can you tell?)
  • Randy Henry: The Cubs (more like baby lions)
  • Greg Robinson: The Kitty Cats
  • Kassandra Grant: The Squirrels
  • Ben Macioce: The Pretenders
  • Ian Vickers: The Mustangs

As you can see, not a lot of love for our Detroit Lions. I do really like where Local 4 News Today producer Ian Vickers is going with the Detroit Mustangs. Some Detroit muscle, a familiar name, a tie to the Ford family. What’s not to love?

Ford Mustang logo
Ford Mustang logo (© Blue Meat Market - http://www.redbubble.com/people/bluemeatmarke)

Maybe all of our teams need a name change? The Tigers have been declawed, the Pistons are breaking down and what’s a Red Wing anyways?

My vote goes for the Detroit Mustangs (never going to happen).

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