Dangerous toy guide, scammers on social media, post-Christmas sales

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great holiday! Christmas is over, and now we look forward to the New Year. 

Are you a resolution person? I am, but I don’t take them too seriously.

I know many of you are traveling. This week, we are going to share a travel nightmare story involving one of our own editors here at Local 4. Basically, he booked his hotel through a third-party website, but when he got there, they had no record of his reservation. He was stuck, roaming the streets of NYC with his luggage all night without a place to stay! When they wouldn’t offer him a refund, we got involved.

As we close out this newsletter and 2019, I want to thank you for watching Local 4, reading our newsletter, sharing your thoughts and keeping in touch. I appreciate our viewers, and I’m looking forward to connecting more in the new year.


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Recall of the week

Since there was no major recall this week, I thought this would be a good article to share.

If your kids got some toys from Santa this year, remember to do research on that toy. Make sure there are no recalls or major safety hazards.

Check this out: The Michigan Attorney General released a 2019 Dangerous Toy Guide, which features recalls and safety tips you should know about.

We want you to continue to have a happy and safe holiday. It takes just a couple of minutes to read through!

Scam of the week

You’re used to getting phishing emails, but now they’re hitting social media, too. This is something you should be telling your kids about as well.

Sometimes scammers will send you a tempting offer to get you to click on a link, only to steal your personal information. It might offer a card with $1,000 on it if you invite three people to get one, as well. If you click the link included, you give scammers access to your information. Just delete these messages wherever you see them. They’re not real!


Deal of the week

Get ready, because now’s the time when things are going on sale!

Think ahead to next Christmas and buy those holiday decorations now. Big retailers such as Lowe’s and Home Depot will be looking to get big items off the shelves for the new year.

Televisions should have some good post-holiday deals as we head toward the Super Bowl.

Historically, Amazon has put its products -- such as the Kindle and the Echo Dot -- on sale after the holidays.

Happy shopping -- if you haven’t had enough already!

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