Morning Show Insider: Bonkers and absurdly hysterical

Mr. Music
Mr. Music

DETROITJason Carr: Every once in a while something comes along that is so bonkers, so absurdly hysterical, it must be shared with the world. Such is the case with Jake Gyllenhaal as Mr. Music, an insane and woefully under-prepared children’s entertainer who absolutely steals John Mulaney’s latest Netflix special, The Sack Lunch Bunch.

Now if that last part left you going, John who? Sack what? It doesn’t matter. The show is a spoof/homage of/to those children’s TV shows from the past that had a very corny while also earnest tone. You had to grow up then to appreciate it.

But, man—Jake Gyllenhaal absolutely commits to his cameo in this otherwise amusing and possibly overly musical special. If you can’t imagine yourself watching the entire 70 minute run-time, fast forward to about the 57 minute mark, when Mr. Music makes his awkward entrance. The comedy that follows is the funniest, weirdest six minutes since David S. Pumpkins and his backup dancing skeletons stormed SNL.

David S. Pumpkins
David S. Pumpkins

Here’s what we’re working on for Friday, January 17th on Local 4 News Today --

All Morning – Weekend Snow Storm

Paul Gross: Mostly sunny on Friday…a pretty nice day to end the work week. Highs near 30 degrees (-1 degree Celsius) will be pretty easy to take with all of that sunshine. Clouds rapidly increase Friday night, with snow developing around or a little after midnight. Our Friday evening plans will be fine. Lows in the mid 20s (-4 degrees Celsius).

We’ll wake up to heavy snow falling on Saturday morning, but warmer air coming in will likely change that snow to rain during the afternoon. The amount of snow that falls won’t be the amount you see on the ground by the end of the day. Areas from I-94 southward should see something in the range of 3 to 5 inches, with areas north and west of I-94 in the 5 to 8 inch range. However, above freezing afternoon temperatures combined with rain will obviously compact that snow. Highs Saturday should approach 40 degrees (4 to 5 degrees Celsius), and it’ll become quite windy by the end of the day.

Sunday will be mostly cloudy and windy, with highs in the mid 20s (-4 degrees Celsius)…but wind chills between 0 and 5 degrees (-18 to -15 degrees Celsius). The quick freeze after the rain-on-top-of-snow Saturday afternoon will make for a crusty snow on Sunday (and cause icy areas around town…use caution if you’ll be out and about). Of course, the kids will really need to bundle up, but at least there will be some snow around!

  • Get the full forecast here

All Morning – Weekend Traffic

Another weekend means another list of construction projects, including the partial closure of I-94 in Detroit. Kim DeGiulio will help us get around the projects, but, the weather could impact the plans. We’ll have the update.

  • Check traffic conditions in your neighborhood here

6:10 a.m. - Fitness Friday

It’s a famous film style in India. In Metro Detroit, it’s also a fun workout. Rhonda tries out Bollywood Dance Fitness in full Bollywood garb.

6:40 a.m. - Your Neighborhood

He’s feeding 1,000 families in need per month. You’ll meet the man inspired by the news to do good and how you can help.


Today’s Trivia Retake

Every weekday morning at 6 a.m., we ask you a trivia question on Local 4 for a chance to win a prize.

  • Friday Question: On this day in 1920, Prohibition began in the U.S. under the 18th Amendment. What Amendment would later repeal it?
  • Answer: 21st Amendment
  • Be sure to watch daily at 6 a.m. and click this link to enter for a chance to win.

National Days: January 17th

  • Bootletter's Day
  • Hot Buttered Rum Day

History Highlights: January 17th

  • In 1806, Thomas Jefferson’s daughter, Martha, gave birth to James Madison Randolph, the first child born in the White House.
  • In 1917, Denmark ceded the Virgin Islands to the United States for $25 million.
  • In 1929, the cartoon character Popeye the Sailor made his debut in the “Thimble Theatre” comic strip.
  • In 1998, the Drudge Report said Newsweek magazine had killed a story about an affair between President Bill Clinton and an unidentified White House intern, the same day Clinton gave a deposition in Paula Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit against him in which he denied having had a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.
  • In 2001, faced with an electricity crisis, California used rolling blackouts to cut off power to hundreds of thousands of people; Gov. Gray Davis signed an emergency order authorizing the state to buy power.

Celebrity Birthdays: January 17th

Celebrating a birthday Friday? Submit a Sunshine Award here and we could say your name on Local 4 News Today during our 6 a.m. show.

Here’s who you’re sharing a birthday with –

  • Actress Betty White is 98.
  • Actor James Earl Jones is 89.
  • Talk-show host Maury Povich is 81.
  • Singer Chris Montez is 78.
  • Former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor is 72.
  • Actor-comedian Steve Harvey is 63.
  • Actor Jim Carrey is 58.
  • Musician Kid Rock is 49.
  • Actress-singer Zooey Deschanel is 40.
  • Singer Ray J is 39.
  • Actor Ryan Gage (“The Hobbit”) is 37.
  • DJ Calvin Harris is 36.
  • Actress Kelly Marie Tran (“Star Wars: The Last Jedi”) is 31.

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