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Star Country Cafe
Star Country Cafe

DETROITBrandon Roux: The beginning of my career in TV Broadcasting brought me to Boise, Idaho. It’s a great community nestled into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, known as the Treasure Valley. We measure the size of cities or markets by population, so New York City is the #1 TV market and Boise is not. It’s actually about market size #120. Needless to say, there was not a lot happening as far as Breaking News, or any news really. You’ve heard the expressions of turning lemons into lemonade or making chicken salad from … ha! You get it.


As we are heading through this difficult political time and trying to figure out if we should impeach our elected leader, President Trump, it reminded me of my days in Boise. I began working for KIVI-ABC TV in 1998 and that’s right when the country was going through the same thing, under a different leader, Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

My job in Boise was weekend weather/weekday reporter, and on one of my reporting shifts during the Clinton Impeachment Trial, I was tasked with ‘localizing’ the Clinton Impeachments. A budding young photographer named Tim Hurtt and I decided to do a story called “Star on Starr.” Kenneth Star was an attorney investigating the Clinton Administration, trying to uncover the wrong doings of our then president who was having an affair with Monica Lewinski. Our story angle was to see what folks in this little Boise suburb of Star thought of how Ken Starr was relentlessly going after our President. Honestly, I don’t even remember what the folks in the Star Country Cafe said to us, but Idaho is (or at least was) a conservative, Republican state and I’m sure they had no qualms with Starr’s intense investigation.

Ken Starr
Ken Starr

But, this is what we did. We had to make something out of nothing in small markets where there just wasn’t enough news to go around. We didn’t make up stories, or force issues upon our viewers, but we had to get creative. What did my story really have to do with a huge political event? Nothing, really. But 22 years later, I still think about that story and others that we somehow magically made out of nothing. It makes you a better story teller, makes you really hustle to find elements that are either timely or interesting in our broadcasts. I often tell students in schools that my career is a lot like a baseball player, yet nothing like a baseball player for obvious reasons. Very few baseball players are like Miguel Cabrera, who was blasting rooftop homers in the big leagues before he was 20 years old. Teams have minor league systems so they can groom young prospects, allow them to learn, and make as many mistakes as possible as they blossom into Double A, Triple A, and Major League ball players. Small markets in television broadcast news are places where young talent can go, make mistakes, and make a lot of mistakes as I did, yet not get fired. When you’re talent exceeds the level you’re playing at, it’s time to move on, and move up. And, here I am more than 20 years later in the Big Leagues in Detroit. No place I’d rather be! Here’s what we have coming up this coming week on Local 4 News Today: As the Superbowl draws near, we focus on BBQ for Tasty Tuesday to get you in the mood.

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National Days: January 27th

  • Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
  • Chocolate Cake Day

History Highlights: January 27th

  • In 1756, composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria.
  • In 1832, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who wrote “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” under the pen name Lewis Carroll, was born in Cheshire, England.
  • In 1880, Thomas Edison received a patent for his electric incandescent lamp.
  • In 1967, more than 60 nations signed a treaty banning the deploying of nuclear weapons in outer space.
  • In 1984, singer Michael Jackson suffered serious burns to his scalp when pyrotechnics set his hair on fire during the filming of a Pepsi-Cola TV commercial at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.
  • In 1998, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, on NBC’s “Today” show, charged the sexual misconduct allegations against her husband, President Bill Clinton, were the work of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Celebrity Birthdays: January 27th

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Here’s who you’re sharing a birthday with –

  • Actor James Cromwell (“Murder in the First,” ”Babe”) is 80.
  • Dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov is 72.
  • Actress Mimi Rogers is 64.
  • TV host Keith Olbermann is 61.
  • Actress Bridget Fonda is 56.
  • Country singer Tracy Lawrence is 52.
  • Rapper Tricky is 52.
  • Comedian Patton Oswalt is 51.

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