Morning Show Insider: Brandon Roux’s home school lesson plan


DETROITBrandon Roux: Is anyone already sick and tired of being the provider, parent, and teacher? Not one generation of people alive today can say they’ve been through anything like this coronavirus, and so I think it’s quite alright if you’re confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed in this ‘New Normal.’

But, I have some ideas of things you can do with the kids apart from video school lessons or your home school curriculum. I know my wife and I have not properly prepared our 8th grader, and sophomore in high school when it comes to practical life lessons. We may put too much pressure on ourselves to home school our kids when most of us have no experience in that role. So, here are some ideas that we will be trying to implement at home with the kids as we wait for this Covid-19 to fade away.

First things first…laundry. I know that you know, doing laundry the right way is not as simple as it looks. There is some science involved too when it comes to colors and water temperatures etc… You can start with simply separating darks, colors, and whites and then explain why certain loads of laundry should have different temps. I think most kids would try to stuff all of the clothes into the washer, close the lid, and think they’ve come up with the perfect way to get it all done faster. No! Newer clothes have a higher tendency of bleeding onto your other clothes in the wash. Do you know any tricks to lock the colors in? Some people add salt, while others swear by distilled white vinegar. How much detergent? And, then you move on to the dryer and why some items may need to be hung out to dry. The folding is something we all do differently but it’s time you taught yours, your way.

Some other ideas about things they can do around the house include cooking basic meals and the sanitation rules that come with dealing with uncooked meat. How to make hard boiled eggs, rice, and a grilled cheese. Do your kids just throw their dishes somewhere near the sink and walk away like mine? Not anymore! Show your little ones how to properly clean dishes, load, and run the dishwasher. You can get creative and try to teach future generations how to change a flat tire, or how to wash the car. I won’t even get into the scrubbing floorboards and scraping gum out of waste baskets as my mom had me do. My sisters and I were forced to do all of these things as children and even though we might take it for granted, it made living on your own and becoming an independent, productive adult that much easier. Just some food for thought. Good luck and make sure you keep it tuned into Local 4 News Today as we continue to help guide Metro Detroit through these times of trouble.