Watch: Interviews with US Senate candidates Gary Peters and John James

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DETROIT – Michigan’s knock-down drag-out US Senate race is contentious, tight and all over the airwaves.

On Sunday’s special hour-long episode of Flashpoint both candidates in the race, incumbent Democratic Sen. Gary Peters and Republican candidate John James discussed their positions on critical issues.

The interviews were done individually and covered a wide range of issues.

Plus, one million Michiganders have already voted more than two weeks before election day. We broke down what that means with other guests.

More: Hour-long ‘Flashpoint’ Sunday with U.S. Senate candidates Gary Peters and John James

Segment one

Republican candidate John James

Segment Two

Democratic Sen. Gary Peters

Segment Three

Flashpoint guests Stephen Henderson, host of WDET’s show Detroit Today; Nolan Finley, editorial page editor of the Detroit News; Jill Alper of Alper Strategies and Steve Mitchell of Mitchell Research and Communications weigh in on US Senate race and upcoming elections.

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