3 men arrested in Livonia home invasions, police chase

Livonia police chase, arrest men after home invasions

LIVONIA, Mich. - Three men suspected in a series of Livonia home invasions have been arrested following a police chase.

Don Paul, 70, noticed some shady business in his Livonia neighborhood around 11 a.m. Monday.

"I said something's not right, something looks fishy," said Paul. "You just know something's not right in your neighborhood and I seen something that didn't appear to be right, and I kept watching and watching."

While three men kept creeping and creeping, the men pulled into a neighbor's driveway.

"When they drove by real slow, they went around, noticed there was no license plate either," said Paul. "I'm thinking, 'Pretty strange.'"

A few seconds went by, then the car backed out and left the neighborhood, but Paul followed his hunch.

"We pulled into the party store at the corner and we were parked there, and my wife says, 'There's the car coming from the gas station,'" said Paul. "I noticed there was only one person in the car and I know it was three when they came by."

So where were the other two? Police said they were kicking in neighbors' doors and robbing them blind.

But Paul was on the case. He called 911 as he watched the trio make its next move. He and his wife in their Ford Escape were on their tracks until...

"All of a sudden the police just come flying by," said Paul. "We lost the car."

A high-speed chase ensued. Police quickly stopped the car. One man was arrested on the spot, but his partners in crime made a run for it; They were found hiding in an abandoned house near I-96 and Greenfield.

"They say they've been looking for them for two to three weeks," Paul said.

A big burglary case cracked -- all thanks to Paul, who said he's proud to be a nosy neighbor.

"I feel good about it. This is our neighborhood," said Paul. "We got to stick together."

Police believe the suspects may be linked to other burglaries across metro Detroit.

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