3 men rob home while family sleeps

DETROIT - Three men are spotted on surveillance camera walking away from an apartment in Centerline after breaking in and stealing a TV.

The alarming part of the crime is that the men had to tiptoe around the sleeping Gaddess family in the small apartment to pull off the heist.

The footage shows the men finagling their way through a sliding glass door. Seconds later they come out with arms full of electronics. They toss them in the getaway van and they're off -- all while the family was asleep inside the home.

"She thought the boys had taken her phone," said Barbara Gaddes of her daughter.

Barbara Gaddes said that was her daughter's first thought when she woke up reached for her iPhone and it wasn't there. So she went to the living room where her two young sons were sleeping.

"That's when (Gaddess' daughter) realized she was standing in the living room and the big flat-screen TV was gone," Gaddes said.

The family slept right through the entire robbery -- even as the thieves reached over the kids in the home.

"They had to lean over to unplug the stuff. They had to be within inches. I can't even begin to tell you what a horrible feeling it is to realize someone was that close to my grandchildren and was able to steal stuff right out from under them," Gaddes said.

Gaddes said in this case, it paid to be a deep sleeper.

"Thank God nobody woke up. I don't know what they might have done," she said.

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