3 University of Michigan students report being attacked by cab driver

Incident reported since mid-January

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - It's happened again.

A third female college student from The University of Michigan has reported being assaulted by a cab driver.

Ann Arbor police confirm to Local 4 that a 23-year-old student was leaving The Brown Jug Bar on S. University at closing time Sunday and attacked near her home. 

"The victim got into the taxi alone," said Lt. Renee Bush. "Before she was dropped off at her home near Pine Valley and Packard, the driver offered her a cigarette, the 23-year-old then moved to the front seat. That's when the driver touched her leg and tried to kiss her." 

Here is the timeline:

Mid-January, Ann Arbor police received their first report of a cab driver assault.

On Feb. 3, a second female student reported being sexually assaulted in a parking lot.

"You never know what cab is going to be the bad cab that you hear about," said Lauren Connell, a UM freshman. "I think about it, that could have been, it could have been my friends, I won't be going into any cabs alone." 

While the cab companies in the two previous attacks were not identified, Ann Arbor police know the latest victim got into a Blue Cab Company minivan the night of her assault.

Students appreciate that Ann Arbor police will have an increased presence around campus, especially during bar closing hours. 

"I get the email alerts about crime on campus and I have been reading the news papers and trying to stay as informed as possible," said student Katie Conlon.

No arrests have been made, but police think the attacks are connected and released a description of the Blue Cab Company Driver: 


Dark Skinned

Light beard

25-29 years old

5 feet 5 inches tall

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