3rd grader brings loaded gun to Inkster elementary school

No one hurt, police say student got gun from cousin for protection

INKSTER, Mich. - Inkster police said they're interviewing a student to find out why he brought a loaded gun to school twice this week.

Police said the 10-year-old showed the gun to a classmate at Daly Elementary School on Thursday.

The classmate told his mother at home and she in turn called the school to report it. Friday morning, school officials called the student in and found the gun.

Police said the student told them he got it from a cousin for protection but are not yet clear on why.

It hasn't yet been determined if the student will be held in custody or turned back over to his parents.

Parents say they had no idea a student brought a loaded gun into school two days in a row.

In fact, most parents Local 4 talked to at the end of the school day, did not know.

"They should have at least sent out a phone call saying that we had an issue and if you want to come get your kid, you can," said parent Jeremy Massey.

"If they removed the threat, I don't think they should have cancelled school. They did the right thing by reporting it," said parent Larry Deforrest who has a child attending the school.

Police say the student claimed he had the gun for protection, and that he got it from a relative.

"That just don't make sense. If you are 10 years old, the only protection you need is to go tell an adult," said Massey

Now, parents are wondering what could have happened if the student had fired the gun.

"So what if the kid was to pull the gun out and shoot somebody. That's just dangerous and all the stuff going on with the colleges and the other kids getting killed. Our kids are at danger," said parent Melissa Pollington.

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