3rd plane stuck in snow at Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Snowy conditions making for tough airport travel

ROMULUS, Mich. - For the third time today a plane has gotten stuck in the snow at Detroit Metro Airport.

The latest incident happened just before 11 a.m. Wednesday. A corporate jet mistakenly turned onto a fire access lane rather than a taxiway. It was able to "power out" of the situation within a few minutes.

Earlier Wednesday there were two different situations involving regional Delta jets. One of the connector jet's wings clipped a snow bank and got stuck. The other connector jet's front tire went off taxiway pavement and got stuck in snow.

"In both cases the planes turned their noses into a snowbank and became stuck," said airport spokesman Mike Conway. "The wheels on those planes are pretty small so once we were able to wheel equipment out to them -- which is a little bit of complicated matter -- they were able to push the aircraft out and they taxied back to the gates under their own power."

Despite the complications Conway said most flights are arriving and departing on time.

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