4 Detroit: Making a Difference In The Community

DETROIT - Detroit has had its struggles and troubles, but there are positive stories and influential people in the city every day.

That's why Local 4 and a prominent local clergyman, the Rev. V. Lonnie Peek, Jr., have teamed up to find those people and tell those stories.

Every Day Heroes

These are folks who show some kindness, consideration, effort and honesty toward others:

Several days ago, Detroiter André Green and his son were at a basketball game, Andre noticed a wallet on the floor. It had credit cards, money and IDs. As Andre said ?It had someone?s whole life in it?. He took the wallet home and on the way his son said ?Dad what you going to do with the wallet? One hundred thoughts ran through his mind as he prepared to answer.

Number one, just like a lot of other folks, there is more month than there is money. He could sure use the money, but his answer was based upon not his needs but the need of the man who lost the wallet. He said he was going to call the man and let him know he has it so he can come and get what is his. He further told his son that ?in life you will be tempted to do not what is right many times, but you have to do what is right because that is what you?re suppose to do and in the end, you will be better off for it. You and I both know that the right thing to do is to return the wallet. He further said, ?This guy has got to be going bonkers now wondering what he was going to do.?

So, he calls the man, who happens to live in Shelby Township. Now André lives in the Livernois - 7 Mile area. When the man came to his house, he was so appreciative, that he must have thanked Andre 200 times. He said, ?Everything is here!? Andre said ?Of course?.

Then the man mentioned that his family used to live several blocks over and he remembered the neighborhood and that he is happy to return under these circumstances. He was going to go home to tell his family what happened and how this man in Detroit did the ?right thing.?

So here we have an Every Day Hero, Andre Green of Detroit, who touched someone with honesty who will spread the word to others. Oh and along the way, he also taught his son about the ?right thing? to do.

Would you have turned the ?entire? wallet back in?

Do you know an everyday hero in your life? E-mail us and tell us about them.

Rev. V. Lonnie Peek, Jr. located in Detroit in 1975. After teaching 2 years in DPS, he went to WSU receiving a Masters of Social Work, an activist on campus he created the Association of Black Students. He is an entrepreneur and serves on such civic boards as New Detroit, Inc, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation. With extensive radio background expanding 25 years, he writes a weekly column for the Michigan Chronicle. He has been a regular on local/ national television shows dealing with political and social issuesAn ordained minister and seminary graduate, he serves on the executive committee and is the public relations chairman for the Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit and Vicinity and is Assistant Pastor at Greater Christ Baptist Church.

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