5 students, ages 7-8, rushed from Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences to hospital after taking pills

EMS says children are conscious, alert after taking pills at Detroit hospital

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DETROIT - Five children at the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences were taken to the hospital Thursday afternoon when they were seen taking unidentified pills.

The children were ages 7 to 8. The school informed parents that a second grade student brought the prescription pills into the building.

EMS workers at the school told Local 4 the kids were conscious and alert but it wasn't immediately known what the pills are.

All the children appeared to be in good spirits as they were wheel out of school, in wheelchairs and stretchers, and put into ambulances.

Parents are now left wondering how the second grader got a hold of pills in the first place?

"It's irresponsible I think, far as the parents not putting it out of reach. You know me as a grandparent and being in the medical field, I always have medication up high where the kids can't reach it or certain ones are locked up, " said Pandora Otote.

In a letter to parents the school principal wrote: "This student and others may have had exposure to the medication. We immediately attended to this student with our school nurse and alerted authorities. A bag appearing to contain medication was sent to the hospital along with the children."

The school is on East Jefferson on the city's east side.

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