5-year-old girl describes saving entire family from Warren house fire

Girl alerted family after waking up and smelling smoke

WARREN, Mich. - A 5-year-old girl spoke to Local 4 after she saved her entire family from a house fire that destroyed their Warren home.

The house on 8 Mile and Dequindre roads was destroyed Wednesday morning by a fire. There were no injuries, thanks to one of the smallest members in the family.

After tragedies such as house fires, possessions can be replaced, but lives can't. Luckily, nobody lost their lives in the Warren fire because a 5-year-old girl knew what to do.

There are preconceived images when thinking about a fire, like the smoke, the water and someone trying to save what's inside.

Isaiah Smith said that's what he was trying to do.

"I was throwing buckets of water on it, but it wouldn't go out," Smith said. "So I just got everybody out of the house."

The fire he was throwing water on started in the living room. It appears to have started on the couch, and while Smith tried to save the home, he couldn't.

But there was another hero in the story.

"When my eyes got open, I saw the fire so I ran in my (parents' room) and then I woke up daddy," Jamirah Smith said.

Jamirah, who's just 5 years old, ran to wake up her mother and father.

"I told him that the fire was on, he ran in the living room," she said.

While Isaiah tried to put out the flames, Jamirah was alerting her family.

"I was in momma's room and make sure my baby sister did not fall off the bed," Jamirah said.

After the fire was out, her parents were allowed back into the home to see if anything could be saved.

How did Jamirah know not to panic and run for help?

"Because when I was in school, we learned all about fire safety," Jamirah said.

"If she wouldn't have woken us up, we would have died from the smoke," Smith said.

Warren fire investigators were sent out Wednesday morning, but they're still working to determine the cause of the fire.

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