8-year-old helps save life of aunt having seizure in Dearborn Heights

Makenzie Pokorny calls 911 to report her aunt having seizure

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. - An 8-year-old girl is being called a hero after she immediately called 911 to report her aunt having a seizure in Dearborn Heights.

The dispatcher from the Dearborn Heights Police Department said the little girl was so bright it made her job easier.

Makenzie Pokorny was home alone with her aunt and younger family members when her aunt started having a seizure. She did what she's been taught: call 911.

"We've been close ever since she was born," said Alexis Rodak, who suffered from the seizure.

The bond between Makenzie and her aunt is even strong after what happened Monday morning.

"We were laying and then she started making weird noises and then she shook," Makenzie said.

When Makenzie called 911, she knew the house number for the dispatcher.

"I came outside and looked right at the mailbox," Makenzie said.

But she became frantic when she couldn't figure out the street name.

"I don't know," she said. "I don't know what the street is. She's bleeding (from her mouth)."

Dispatch ended up tracking Makenzie when she read her aunt and neighbor's license plate numbers.

"Makenzie, you did a good job today," the dispatcher said.

The reassuring words helped the little girl through the ordeal.

"She just said 'calm down' and then it kind of helped me," Makenzie said.

Dispatchers often do heroic things, but they usually go unseen.

"I do this every day," the dispatcher said.

She admitted she doesn't come across a girl like Makenzie very often.

"I think the credit goes to her," the dispatcher said. "She was really calm and was able to follow directions and made everything a lot easier for me."

"I'm proud of her," Rodak said. "I'm glad she was here. I'm glad she listens."

The ambulance arrived and took her aunt to a hospital for treatment. Rodak is doing better.

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