84-year-old woman robbed of $7 in Wyandotte

Robber takes money at knifepoint in market parking lot

WYANDOTTE, Mich. - An armed robber in Wyandotte took all of $7 from an elderly woman in the parking lot of a market.

The victim, who did not want her name reported, said she was leaving the Aldi market on Fort Street in Wyandotte Sept. 26 when she saw a young man loitering outside.

The victim said she had an uneasy feeling about him as she got into her car. As soon as she got into her car, he jumped into the passenger seat.

"He said give me your cash. He kept yelling, I'm going to cut you. it was a three of four inch knife. He was holding it close to my face, I handed the money I had left, seven dollars. He said, is that all you have.  I said that's all I have," the victim said.

The victim, who will turn 85 later this month, described the robber as a white man with dark hair, about 20-years-old, and wearing a red shirt.

The victim still works part-time at a local courthouse. She drove there after the robbery and called police.

Wyandotte police chief Daniel Grant commented on the crime.

"Picking on anybody and robbing anybody is a serious thing, but when you are talking an elderly lady who is working hard for her money and you take her last seven dollars, that's pathetic," Grant said.

While the search for the robber continues, police remind everyone to be aware of people near their vehicles when shopping, and as you approach your car, only unlock the driver's side door.

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