8th grade Armada Township teacher resigns after sexual misconduct accusation

26-year-old teacher accused of sexual misconduct with 13-year-old girl student

By Priya Mann - Reporter

ARMADA TOWNSHIP, Mich. - An 8th grade science teacher in Armada Township has resigned after allegations of sexual misconduct involving a 13-year-old student.

The teacher has not been charged and Armada Township police do not have a warrant out for his arrest.

Police say the school district became aware of sexual misconduct allegations a week ago. The school board did send home a letter addressing rumors, but it's this one issue they didn't mention that everyone is talking about. Parents are upset they didn't know about this right away.

The superintendent of Armada schools says he wanted to clear up rumors surrounding the resignations of two teachers last week. The letter home to parents explained that neither teacher was ever handcuffed or hauled off to jail.

"Some of the false rumors were we fired a teacher or two in the district, and that's not true, and that there were some allegations of drug-related issues," said Superintendent Mike Musary.

However, the letter does not address the sexual misconduct allegations against the 26-year-old science teacher. Or that, according to police, the teacher was first removed from his classroom before he ultimately resigned.

"All I can tell the parents is that we have a safe school system. If there is any inappropriate behavior, we respond to it swiftly and precisely," said Musary.

Christina Haugh, a mother of two, says parents have the right to be informed even if the teacher hasn't been charged.

"I'd be very upset if I was left in the dark. I mean, we should know everything that goes on with our children," she said.

Local 4 went to the home of the 8th grade teacher but the family refused to open the door.

John Sage's son was in that teacher's class this year.

"Shocked. He was a great guy. He was very good at it and he was good with the kids," said Sage.

Armada police say the 13-year-old girl is doing well and that her family is cooperating with police. Some parents we spoke to agree with the school board -- that this teacher should have his day in court before these allegations are made public.

Musary said he was waiting on the police to release information before issuing a response. Armada police did send out a statement on the active investigation on Tuesday. The superintendent was unaware of that statement at the time he spoke to Local 4.

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