911 dispatcher helps Ypsilanti dad deliver his daughter

Couple couldn't make it to hospital on time, had to deliver baby just outside home

By Will Jones - Reporter

YPSILANTI, Mich. - It was an unexpected treat on Halloween.
"The funny thing about it is that I even mentioned to my wife, 'Just make sure we don't have the baby on Halloween so we don't have to worry about birthday parties and trick or treating all at once," said Craig Williams, who delivered his own daughter.

That night Craig's wife, Taneea, started having contractions at their Ypsilanti home.

"My main thing was I didn't want her to have this baby at the house on me. I was nervous," said Craig.

They made their way to their Ford Explorer parked in the driveway and then ...

"I just told him it's happening. She's coming. And he was on the phone with 911," said Taneea.

Listen: 911 call for baby born outside Ypsilanti home

Caller: Oh. Oh. Her water just broke. Oh my god.
911 dispatcher: Sir. Sir. Sir.

Caller: Oh my god.

911 dispatcher: Listen to me. You got to work with me here. I'm going to help you through it. OK?

Caller: Oh my god. What do I do?

This is a first for emergency dispatcher Michael Weir -- delivering a baby over the phone.

"It was intense. I wanted to make sure the baby was OK," said Weir.

911 dispatcher: Is the baby coming out?

Caller: Yeah. Her head is out. Her head is out.

Craig tried his best to stay calm.

"I can kind of understand where he was coming from but at the same time I'm like, You have got to chill out," said Taneea.

"I was like, "I should be telling you to calm down.' But she was a trooper with it," said Craig.

Minutes later, baby Ca'myrhi makes her debut -- 6 pounds, 5 ounces.

"I love her to death. She is a blessing. This is our first girl," said Taneea.

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