Activists prepare protests against Detroit's emergency financial manager

Rallies to take place throughout week beginning Monday

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - A group of community leaders and activists are preparing to take action next week as the new Detroit emergency financial manager starts on the job.

Next week could be a week to remember in the fight against the emergency financial manager law.

"Whatever it takes to stop it. People died for the right to vote to maintain that," said Patrick Driscoll. "We should be willing to sacrifice our comfort to do that."

The National Action Network is preparing to take the fight from the pulpit of the Historic King Solomon Baptist Church to the streets of Detroit in full force.

Reverend Charles Williams is the pastor of Historic King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit, and the president of the action network in Michigan.

"We got some tactics that we will certainly be using in terms of protests and demonstration," said Williams. "Our message will be heard. That's definitely for sure."

They said their plans are to make Kevyn Orr's first week on the job difficult.

Multiple protests are planned for next week, including one at the Spirit of Detroit Monday morning.

The fight isn't over if Orr can turn the city's financial troubles around, they say it's over democracy.

"If Kevyn Orr came in and did an excellent job, it still doesn't deal with eradicating democracy in Detroit," said Williams.

"The city does have a lot of problems," said Shahida Muta. "The country does have a lot of problems. But that is still not a right to take away the right to make a decision and the right to vote."

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