Aiyana Jones grandma testifies: 'Aiyana was hit'

Emotional day in court for Officer Joseph Weekley as Mertilla Jones testifies


Mertilla Jones told jurors on Monday that as soon as Detroit police officers entered her home in May 2010 it sounded like the front window "exploded."

Jones testified she and Aiyana had a ritual of sleeping together on a couch which was in front of a large window. The window was covered with blinds and a blanket.

Jones testified, "I rolled onto the floor because glass from the window was on the couch - lying on my stomach – looking at the front door. I saw all these police rushing into the front door. It looked like there could've been maybe three or four."

Prosecutor: "Did you see them come into your house as you were lying on the floor?"

Mertilla: "Yes I did."

Prosecutor: "What happened then?"

Mertilla: "As soon as they came in (pause) the gun was just pointing right there and Aiyana was hit. He pulled the trigger."

Prosecutor: "After you saw her get shot what did you do?"

Mertilla: "I was screaming and hollering. I said, 'You done f**ked up! You all did f**k this up. You killed my granddaughter.' They weren't paying any attention to me."

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Aiyana Stanley-Jones, 7, died after being shot in the head. Officer Joseph Weekley, of the Special Response Team, is accused of firing the deadly shot.

Weekley is charged with involuntary manslaughter. His gun was fired during the chaotic raid at the Detroit home in May 2010.

A stun grenade was used before police entered the home.

Video recorded by a crew from a TV show, "The First 48," was previously shown in court detailing the raid and the shooting.

The crew was working with Detroit police that night.

The Trial thus far:

---Joseph Weekley

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