Analysts predict slower June sales for GM

Concerns over sales amid recalls

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DETROIT - Some analysts are predicting that General Motors' June U.S. sales will under perform the overall auto industry, putting the company in danger of losing market share at a critical time.
GM has issued 44 recalls covering 20 million cars and trucks this year as it reviews safety issues in the wake of a mishandled recall of small cars. GM's latest recall affects 29,000 of its Chevy Cruze models. The airbags in the vehicles were assembled with an incorrect part.
The recalls may be partly at fault, but analysts also say sales could be hurt by smaller discounts and a drop in sales to rental car companies. A subpar month could cut GM's market share from the 17.6 percent it held at the end of May.
Chrysler could be the beneficiary with sales expected to grow around 9 percent.
Automakers are scheduled to release sales results on Tuesday.

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