'Angry Trayvon' app sparks outrage

No longer available, app featured an armed Trayvon Martin on a 'tour of revenge'

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Janet Robinson got angry when she found out about a game and app in Google Play called "Angry Trayvon."

"That got to me. I couldn't even sleep, I was just so angry," she told Atlanta TV station WGCL.

Robinson found out about the game when someone sent her a link to it on Facebook.

"That's disgraceful and disrespectful. They don't have an Angry Columbine, they don't have an Angry Boston Bomber. Why do they need an Angry Trayvon?" she said.

The Google Play site described the game this way: "Trayvon is angry and nobody can stop him from completing his world tour of revenge on the bad guys who terrorize cities everyday. Use a variety of weapons to demolish Trayvon's attackers in various cities around the world."

The game's creator, Trade Digital, posted on its Twitter page: "Angry Trayvon is fictitious and was not intended to portray any people in real life."

But it's clear the game's name and main character depicts 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager shot and killed by George Zimmerman, who is now on trial for his death.

Robinson and others started a social media campaign to stop the sale of Angry Trayvon and it appears to have worked.

On Tuesday, Trade Digital promised to remove all traces of the game, WGCL reported.

The company, however, denied any charges of racism on its part and posted this on Facebook: "The people spoke out therefore this game was removed from the app stores. Sorry for the inconvenience as this was just an action game for entertainment. This was by no means a racist game."

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