Ann Arbor Curves in danger of closing

Gym members, owner trying to raise $48,000 by end of August to keep place open

By Lauren Podell - Reporter
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ANN ARBOR, Mich. -

They come here to feel the burn, keep their bodies moving and of course spend a little time with the girls.

They've had baby showers here, celebrated birthdays and while the Curves in Ann Arbor is helping women shed pounds, they've all gained so much more.

"I remember when this place first opened, someone said this reminds of them of ‘Cheers,'" said owner, Robin Long. "It's just that place where everyone knows your name."

Long has been keeping ladies fit for 11 years and with 300 members, the front door is always open, but that may not be the case for much longer.

"Three weeks ago I sent out an email to all of my members saying if I don't find anyone to buy, I am going to have to close my doors for good," Long said.

After a separation from her husband and a tough recession, Robin can't afford to keep the only Ann Arbor franchise open.

"It was really a two income deal," Long said. "I am just started to get afloat now being a single, business woman and I can't do this on my own. I was losing members, people were moving away and these families just had one income and their membership had to go."

But when her members found out, they set a different kind of goal, one that involves a lot of green.

Holding back tears, Long said, "I had people coming up to me saying I'll give you $1,000, I'll give you $500, here's $10 and that's where we're at today."

There's a chart in the middle of gym that tracks all of the donations. In the last three days, over $7,000 has been donated out of all of the members pockets to help keep the curves afloat. While Local 4 cameras were there, someone dropped off an envelope to Robin. Inside, a check for $250. Curves has until the end of August to raise over $48,000, but no matter the outcome Robin knows you can't put a price on friendship.

"We're so lucky to have this, to have each other and I know this place has changed our lives," said Long.

Even local businesses are helping. From July 27 through Aug. 4, The Happy House Hallmark on Jackson Avenue, right next door to curves, will donate 20 percent of all regular priced purchases to curves.

If you would like to donate CLICK HERE.

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