Ann Arbor Police On Lookout For Flasher

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Ann Arbor police say they have received three reports of a naked man flashing women.

The reports last month described a white man in his 50s with a heavy-set build and shoulder-length brown hair flashing women near Huron High School. The man was wearing glasses and had a "bulbous" nose, police said.

Two incidents were reported Aug. 21 and the other was reported Aug. 6. The latter incident prompted school officials to send an email alert to parents.

In two of the incidents the man got out of a car to flash people, police said.

"I'm outraged. A little disgusted too," said Sylvia Mickels, who has a daughter who is a 9th-grader at the high school.

Classes at the high school begin Sept. 6 but many fall sports already have begun practice at the campus playing fields.

Principal Arthur L. Williams said the email was a necessary precaution.

"Safety is the No. 1 concern," Williams said. "You can't do well in school if you're not safe. It's a serious thing, so we wanted to get that information out."

Ann Arbor police said extra patrols are surveying the area. Police said they are worried about high school students as well as joggers and even drivers in the area.

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