Another icy road threat looming?

Messy couple of days are ahead on Metro Detroit roads

By Paul Gross - Meteorologist

DETROIT - On Thursday night we'll see periods of snow with accumulations generally an inch or less.

Lows will be near 20 early, then rising into the mid 20s by morning.

There is a small potential for some light freezing drizzle late tonight, so be careful when you head out first thing Friday morning.

Scattered light snow to start the day on Friday, with some light freezing drizzle also possible. Paved surfaces are very cold, so watch out for potential black ice (although temperatures will be such that salt will prevent ice buildup on any treated roads...but use extra caution on untreated roads). Temps rising into the low to mid 30s during the afternoon.

Rain develops Friday evening and continues overnight, with near steady temperatures in the mid 30s. There is a possibility that the rain could begin as a period of light freezing rain. Be prepared for ice if you're out and about Friday evening.

Steady rain becomes scattered rain showers by Saturday afternoon. Breezy, with temps in the upper 30s during the morning, then falling into the low 30s by late afternoon. While I do not expect a widespread flooding threat, storm drains clogged by snow will prevent water from draining in some areas, and that means some puddling and ponding of water in low spots where the water collects. If you have storm drains on your street, it would be great if you and your neighbors can help clear the snow off of them and create a path for water to drain.

Things get a little interesting Saturday evening. We'll see scattered light snow showers, then skies become partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 20s. VERY IMPORTANT: paved surfaces are very cold, and the rain earlier Saturday will wash away all residual salt. If the air temperature drops to near freezing before the water evaporates, there will be a widespread ice threat. If you happen to be out driving when this happens, you can suddenly transition from water to ice on the road surface. Also, those of you who live on roads that didn't get plowed and are now covered by a thick layer of hard pack snow will have a really slippery condition to deal with if the hard pack doesn't melt away before the Saturday night refreeze. Be very careful if you'll be out Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

We finally get a break on Sunday, with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies, and highs in the mid 30s.

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