Are You Ready If Your Child Goes Missing?

4 Things You Must Have If Someone You Loves Disappears

DETROIT - Are you prepared if your child or loved one goes missing?

Not knowing if your loved one is safe is a question no one would ever want to think about. That's why all day Monday on Local 4 The Defenders put together a special event called "Missing in Michigan."


Here are the four things people must have in case someone know missing.

  • 1. A recent photo. This helps police know what your child/loved one looks like today.
  • 2. YDental records or finger prints. You can get dental records from your dentist. Call your local police station or get your child registered (like at our events today) to get finger prints.
  • 3. Know what your child is wearing. Know what your child is wearing sounds simple, but parents need to pay attention ESPECIALLY to the shoes. Kidnappers usually have time to change clothes, but rarely the shoes.
  • 4. Know what your child's unique characteristics are. They can be physical like moles or scars as well as personal which are nicknames or favorite jewelry.

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