Arson suspected in string of house fires on Detroit's east side

Arson suspected for dozens of blazes on Detroit's east which began burning Tuesday night


Firefighters have been battling a dozen fires that have popped up on Detroit's east side overnight.

On Tuesday night, the fires burned several homes near Lamont and Nancy streets, near McNichols Road and Conant Street. Three more homes were also burning nearby on Hasse Street. All the homes are abandoned, but they are near occupied homes.

On Wednesday, fires erupted on Van Dyke and Sheridan.

Investigators believe a serial arsonist could be at work. They tell Local 4 the arsonist or arsonists are using jet fuel which makes the fires burn quicker and hotter.

Africa Chippings woke up to the fire Wednesday morning.

"The heat was hot ... as soon as we hit the door you could feel the heat," Chippings said.

The abandoned home next to Chippings' was up in flames, and the fire quickly was spreading.

"It was popping like something going off inside the house," Chippings said.

Detroit firefighters took a defensive approach to the fire to ensure their own safety.

Investigators believe the arsons are connected. Over the past two days where have been 30 arsons in the city. Fourteen of those have been on the west side and 16 on the east side. Sources working closely to the investigation say whoever is setting the homes on fire has a message which is maybe meant for Detroit city officials.

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