Banana Republic is the top store for cheating wives

Dating website conducted survey

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In a survey conducted by, a dating website specializing in extramarital affairs, the ten most popular retails stores for cheating wives include Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and H&M.

The survey polled over 52,000 female members of the website, more than a third admitted spending double on their appearance after straying from their other partner. 27% said they had a secret credit card.

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The shops listed are not considered high-end, which might indicate that cheating women spend more by shopping more, rather than spending a lot of money on a few expensive items.

Ashley Madison CEO Noel Birdman said, "Becoming more concerned with one's appearance is often a dead giveaway for an affair".

The list also includes J Crew, Macy's, Lane Bryant and J.C. Penny.

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