Bashara struggling to find second lawyer to take case

Judge Evans says lawyers don't want case

DETROIT - Bob Bashara was back in front of a Wayne County judge Friday, continuing his fight to get a second court-appointed attorney on his defense team for his upcoming murder trial. But instead of settling on the issue, there's now a worry that there isn't another lawyer that will take the case.

When Bashara entered the court room, judge Vonda Evans noticed him trying to adjust his chair.

"Be careful now Mr. Bashara, we don't want you to get injured," Evans told him.

Meanwhile, Evans is struggling to figure out which lawyers will defend Bashara, who is accused of hiring a hit man to murder his wife, Jane.

Two of the latest candidates sent another lawyer, Jim Thomas, to represent them. He said they have a potential conflict of interest.

"I'm asking the court to go forward and to consider someone else other than them," Thomas said.

Evans said other lawyers don't want to take the case. She will interview more lawyers, and tells Bashara he will know his legal team by April 15.

Evans also took up a complaint by the man acting as Bashara's power of attorney, Richard Falcinelli. In October, police carried out a search warrant at his home, looking for documents related to Bashara. But Falcinelli says they won't give his own material back.

"They've had my stuff for five months," Falcinelli said. "It takes less than a day to a day and a half to dump an entire computer."

Prosecutors said they haven't finished analyzing the computer. Falcinelli says they also have his cell phone and other documents and that Bashara's entire family is hurting.

"His kids, just because they're grown, what kind of life are they going through right now," Falcinelli said.

Bashara already has one lawyer, but he's going to need at least one more or maybe two more, and they have to go through at least 10,000 pages of material.

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