Biden visits Detroit despite Secret Service U-Haul stolen

DETROIT - Organizers of Detroit's Labor Day parade say Vice President Joe Biden will attend this year's celebration.

His appearance will go on despite a U-Haul being used by the secret service for Biden's visit to was stolen out of a hotel parking lot Sunday morning.

The U-Haul was stolen form the Holiday Inn parking lot in downtown Detroit on Washington Boulevard.

The hotel has declined to comment.

The U-haul is 14-feet high, has an Arkansas backdrop on the side of the truck and has Arizona plates. The plate number is: AD09406.

Anyone who's seen this U-Haul is encouraged to call police.

Biden has been a frequent visitor to Michigan, addressing the American Federation of Teachers' national convention in Detroit on July 29 and speaking at a rally at Detroit Renaissance High School last Wednesday during a Michigan stop that also included fundraising events.

The Labor Day appearance comes on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., next week.

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