Big road projects could be coming to metro Detroit

Billions in construction work would focus on stretches of I-75, I-94

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

DETROIT - Is metro Detroit ready for $2.65 billion worth of construction?

We might not have a choice.

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, better known as SEMCOG, is just waiting for the green light to start the two multi-year round construction projects.

The focus: 6.7 miles of I-94 in Detroit and 18 miles of I-75 in Oakland County.

These projects aren't expected to begin until 2014 or 2015, but today SECOMG and MDOT are expected to vote on the projects approval. 

The projects:

Oakland County Reconstruction:
I-75 from 8 Mile to M-59

Price tag: $850 million

Could span over 10 years

Detroit Reconstruction:

I-94 from I-96 to Conner

Price tag: $1.8 billion

Both are part SEMCOG's 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, as well as its 2014-17 Transportation Improvement program.

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These plans give us a glimpse into Michigan's construction future and on Thursday, SEMCOG is expected approve the projects at its public meeting at the Atheneum Suite Hotel in Greektown.

Other projects in the SEMCOG 2014-17 plans include:

I-94: Replace the M-3 (Gratiot Avenue) Bridge at I-94 in 2014: $16 million.

I-96: Reconstruct the freeway from Newburgh and Telegraph roads: $160 million. (This project will be completed in one year due to complete closure of the freeway.)

I-96: Reconstruct the I-96/U.S. 23 interchange in 2014: $32 million.

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