Birmingham police investigating jewelry theft

Police: Burglars made off with nearly $40,000 in silver, jewelry

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. - Police in Birmingham are investigating to see if a crew of jewelry thieves are at work in the area. 

Abbott's Coins in the 33000 Block of Woodward Avenue was the victim of a costly "smash and grab" heist earlier this week.

What happened

Just before 4 a.m. Tuesday, police say men wearing hoodies, masks and gloves smashed through the front window.

With the shop's alarm going off and police on the way, the men were able to scoop up close to $40,000 in silver pieces and jewelry.

The thieves were after silver

In fact, police tell Local 4 the bulk of the heist was the silver. Packages of silver coins were taken along with piece of silver bullion.  Investigators believe the thieves will likely sell off the silver at a low price and it will likely be melted down.

The owner of Abbott's declined to speak with Local 4 news, saying he doesn't want to fall victim to any "copycat" crews that may try to rob the store.  

The investigation

Police are working with the store to access the store's security camera footage of the men in action, hoping it may help identify them.

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